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Right at the end of our summer holidays and before we left off to the lovely island of Menorca, I promised Annie to step into the famous ´Bunker´ bulding in Hamburg – St. Pauli. Reason is one of the biggest local spots for music and performance. The outcome was pretty surprising, as it looked like our girl fell heavily in love with ….. erm …. drums. Not the badest choice to be honest. She must have inherited at least my love for beats. But to finish the day even greater we discovered that the only online music channel I ever donated something to, seated in that same bunker -> Byte FM. It just took us some courage to knock the door, which resulted in an astonishing private tour throughout the whole studio. You better guess the bright eyes of an 8 year old bird on the back seat of the car on our way back home. Props to the ByteFM Team!

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